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Ellen Robbins, appropriately known as The Stylist Mama, is a respected hairdresser, mama to beautiful Sophie and joins us on the blog to talk all things style, hair and skin when you're expecting and a new mum.

So let's talk fashion first, what are your key looks for pregnancy?

Fashion can become a bit of a chore when you are trying to accomodate a growing bump, especially the first time around when you have no idea how fast it happens! However, fashion shouldn’t be hard or annoying, just stick to these little tips to get you through those 5-9 months when things are changing.

1) Show the bump off! Figure hugging, silhouette styles look incredible on pregnant women as it shows all your curves, and gives you shape and dimension. Embrace the curves and I promise it looks a lot more flattering then trying to hide under loose fitting pieces!

Winter Maternity Amor & Grace Street Style Capri Breastfeeding Dress
AMOR+GRACE Capri Feed Dress
2) ALWAYS look for stretch and rouched material. You will soon find out how quickly you grow, especially around your top half (bust and ribs) and the rouching sucks you in, in all the right places.

3) Avoid too much colour. Busy prints can look way OTT and make you look bigger then you are so stick with neutrals. It also means your be able to wear your maternity wear again and again without wearing old or dated colours and patterns.

Amor & Grace Modern Maternity Brooklyn DressAMOR+GRACE Brooklyn Dress (on final sale!)

What styles or looks do you recommend for mum life?

As for mum life, don’t think you have to completely change your style once you have a child. Definitely opt for clothing that gives you shape and makes it easy to feed in the early days, and my top tip for shoes is BUY WEDGES. I have an entire cupboard full of teenie tiny thin heels and of course I now spend my life in wedges when I am chasing after Sophie at BBQ’s and parties. 

How can you make the most of pregnancy hair? 

The biggest myth I hear about your hair while pregnant is that colouring it will harm the baby. There has never ever been a proven case where it has happened. I do recommend you give your hair a really thorough brush every night as it will keep the follicles really stimulated and will encourage growth after baby.

What can you do when your hair starts falling out post pregnancy? 

Once the baby arrives, try (as much as you can) to take good care of your hair. It tends to get really dry and stressed after bub arrives because all the nutrients are going to them - not your hair, skin and nails. Home treatments and head massages are going to keep your hair hydrated and strong.

Pregnancy skin seems to differ so much between pregnancies and each individual woman - any tips here?

Pigmentation is a pregnancy side effect and can leave long term spots on your face (I have the proof myself) so instead of a normal foundation, opt for a tinted moisturiser with SPF. It will let your skin breathe, as well as protect you from any little pigmentation clusters. Facials are a really great way to destress the skin and fill it with goodness before bub arrives too - heaven!


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