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When we launched AMOR+GRACE we had every intention of having our Impact Project approved and ready to announce upon launch, or at least shortly after. It wasn't to be and as time would soon tell, we were yet to find our partner. But here we are three months in and we have some pretty amazing news to share.

It wasn't until I came across an ad just before Christmas 2016 asking for preloved handbags to be filled with basic items for a female that I was sure who we needed to work with. Basic items, any age the ad said. How basic i thought? When I returned home I turned my wardrobe upside down to find that little black backpack I loved and wore religiously up until it was no longer practical to carry along with my nappy bag. Thanks baby. 

I googled the organisation and found exactly what they were requesting. Things like a toothbrush, hairbrush, face washer, shampoo, soap and sanitary products for homeless women and those fleeing domestic violence. As I shopped for these basic items I couldn't stop the hot tears welling up as I walked the aisles of my local grocery store. I wondered what sort of life the woman receiving my little bag had fled. Sanitary products. Really? For Australian women. Mothers, teens, young and senior women of our country, today. It's a modern day issue that's need a collective response and we felt we needed to be involved.

It's in the Bag Share the Dignity Appeal
A retired handbag to me. Hope and dignity to someone else

So we are very excited to launch our Mamahood blog by announcing our very first Impact Project. This is the heart and soul of our brand and the reason we exist. We feel it right to give back in a meaningful and impacting way - not just financially but by volunteering our time, effort and what we do to a cause that is doing something practical in an area that so needs our country's attention.

The amazing Australian charity that posted that ad is Share the Dignity and we are thrilled to be supporting their amazing work and projects. Read more about our partnership and how you can be involved here.

Thank you for all your support, purchases and love of our brand already as we are already taking steps to make a difference. Remember that by shopping with us for your maternity clothes and feed wear, you're supporting another mother. So keep spreading the love x A+G

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    Love to get on board and do the same!!!! Sooooo many handbags that have been loved and I would love for them to be loved again!

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